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The Community

Part of the bigger vision for The Paperclip is to open up and invite riders worldwide to share their stories. This project was never meant to be solely about my rides and adventures. Instead, the goal was to build something that could stand on its own as a legitimate space for sharing stories.

With that out of the box, over the past few months, I've reached out to a lot of folks I felt had compelling stories to contribute to The Paperclip. I'm grateful that they were as excited as I am to share their stories.

So, over the next few months, you'll be reading from people of diverse backgrounds, riding styles, and takes on life. I hope you tune in and read articles from around the world, like Colombia, Portland, Portugal, Spain, and more.

The Paperclip is a space for sharing cycling stories, experiences, and cultures with those who share similar views or are interested in knowing more about them. The cornerstone of this whole project was built on the core belief in the communities I belong to. If you have read some of the articles I've released over the past year, you probably noticed the emphasis on "the community."

My stories without those communities are rather dull and unsaturated. In fact, they might be stories that I don't even care to share. I do believe in myself to be somewhat enough to share intriguing takes on life, but I find it inefficient to do so without the group.

To return the favor of how these communities opened up and invited me to be one of them. I created a pathway for them and others to reach the globe and share their stories. It's only right to pass on the torch to someone else who might need it.

This experience helped me understand how to appreciate and get to know others by giving them the time and attention they deserve.


Every one of us has a story to tell. Do you or someone you know care to share or would like to contribute to The Paperclip?

If so, then let's link up. We would love to hear from you and share your story.

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