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Hi, I'm Abe Alkhamees


I am a cyclist, adventurer, and outdoor junkie. Cycling helped me lose over half of my body weight and turn my life around for the better, thanks to a hobby that became a lifestyle. I'm captivated by the way cycling brings people together, whomever & wherever they are. Cycling means the world to me. I get to set on adventures, cover miles, and experience the great outdoors in ways I've never imagined. 


What's even better are all the people I met and the communities I became part of along the way. That's the best part about cycling. Of course, I wouldn't be here without my friends, families, and strangers alike, and thanks to them, my stories and adventures are more colorful and meaningful than going it alone. 

I hope we cross paths soon, ride up mountains, descend into valleys, and share a meal somewhere around the globe. 

Stay in touch. 

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Photograph by Pat Daly

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