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The Paperclip was an idea that stemmed from the many communities coming together to benefit one another and its positive impacts all over. As I mentioned in a previous article, The Community, part of the bigger vision for The Paperclip is to open up and invite riders worldwide to share their stories.

I somehow found KOMPAS REGENERATION on Instagram (@kompas.rgn), and the group caught my attention. From what I could tell, KOMPAS seemed like a group that resonates with the values of bringing the community together rather than gatekeeping the outdoors to a certain group of folks.

So I got in touch with them and turned out that we did see eye-to-eye on how we can make cycling a better place for everyone since improvement is a work-in-process, a journey, not a destination.

Going along with the values I had set for this project (The I extended the invitation to host KOMPAS' stories on the blog as they will enrich this experience. My stories without communities like KOMPAS, OMTM, PDX cycling folks, and more are rather dull and unsaturated.

I'm excited to partner up with a community that positively impacts cycling. It is the same energy and connections that got me to where I am today. I recognize KOMPAS as a group and budding community that seeks to be the interlocutor at the junction of adventure x inclusiveness x exploration. Essentially reflecting what The Paperclip is all about, that's "Holding Together"


A short intro by the co-founders Grayson (left) and Texas (right):

"KOMPAS is a Portland-based adventure cycling group that shares stories from the trails and facilitates adventure bikepacking within the community. We have been dedicated endurance athletes from an early age and believe that endurance sport offers a unique lens to experience life through. Our goal is to share resources and create an inclusive environment for people to get on their bikes and explore."

Instagram: kompas.rgn

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