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Valencia in 10 doors

I've always been fascinated by doors and what they signify. To me, they are more than just an architectural element situated in a solid wall as a literal gate to a private or public space.

Doors are a transition point, a passage between spaces from the public domain where specific rules apply. Those same rules might dissolve the second you walk through the archway of someone's door. Doors have indeed reshaped humanity in so many different ways.

Doors exist beyond the physical world, such as in people's minds, literature, and even religion.

The ones in the realm of consciousness are as real as those in the physical world.

How many times have you tried to chase an opportunity that ended up not becoming a thing, and you told yourself, "well, that door closed." Or when you transition from one point to the other in life, people tend to describe that transition as walking through a door or a gate in your mind.

I recall having a deep conversation with Ben Swanny about a recent shift in my life, and he brought up a great point about "The right of passage." Whether I wanted to or not, I had to pass through that door towards the next chapter in life.

He wasn't talking about anything physical. Instead, Ben clearly saw me standing in front of a door in my mind, hesitant to reach the handle and swing it wide open. By the day, the room kept getting smaller and smaller, and there was only one way out.

The fact that we both saw that in our mind's eye is a good enough indication of how doors and what they signify is part of our cognitive awareness

Another thing that fascinates me about doors is the power-dynamic shift that happens when we transition from one space to the other and how that affects the language that we use.

Think about walking into a new space you've never been to before, let's say a friend of a friend's house. You'll most likely ask permission to use the bathroom, for example. But, again, unlike being present in a space where you know very well and know the rules.

These are just some thoughts that I think about whenever I come across the junction of doors and culture.

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