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Nima on the left, Fabio on the right

This is Clubsuiveur.

My name is Nima, and I’m half Italian and half Iranian, born in Germany. I worked for many years as a photography agent and an avid cyclist living in Rome. Although many tourists consider Rome a must-visit destination, I, on the other hand, leave the chaos of the capital city behind and escape Rome to recharge my batteries by riding my bike on country roads.

Clubsuiveur was born in 2020 during the pandemic as a cycling blog. In the beginning, I told stories about cycling and the community, such as Gaza Sunbirds and 6500. Even with the birth of Clubsuiveur Bike Tours, I kept writing about cycling and the cycling community. It's because the bicycle is one of the best ‘means’ to express yourself. Each, in its own way, tells a story.

2 years into working on Clubsuiveur, we found our next calling in offering something new and different in the panorama of cycling travels. As everyone knows, unity is strength. I realized that this project could not be carried out alone, and this is where my friend Fabio came into play.

Central Italy and Sicily are our official happy places. Those roads have no secrets for us, and we want to show people this fascinating part of Italy. In the last few years, I have participated in many Gran Fondos, The Tour of Flanders, and vintage bike rides like the Eroica, collecting experience and stacking up kilometers to curate our offerings.

Fabio was born in Rome and has worked as a photojournalist and correspondent in Colombia and Latin America for over 20 years. He is passionate about cycling, a love that grew during his childhood in Colombia. All the incredible cycling achievements of the Colombians, Los Escarabajos, in Europe in the ’80s have been etched in his memory and his heart forever.

He documents social issues for different international media and collaborates with essential cycling magazines such as Rouleur Magazine, Alvento, and Procycling, among others.

He is a slow cyclist, just like he is a slow photojournalist. Fabio likes to take his time to observe, understand and build the best story he can about his surroundings, generating new experiences around the practice of cycling in Italy and Colombia. His desire to share his passion and knowledge of the territory has led him to embrace Clubsuiveur. We call ourselves a collective of passionate cyclists dedicated to creating and offering bike tours to discover Italy.

Our first tour took place in Sicily last May. Why Sicily? Thanks to the different legacies left behind by the Greeks, Romans, Normans, Spaniards, and Arabs, over the centuries, they have followed and intertwined with the native populations, rendering Sicily one of a kind. This mix of cultures has made this wonderful island a kind of treasure hunt, and the best way to discover it is by riding a bicycle. Sicily, however, is vast and rich, and it is better to visit a little at a time so that each visit is fully immersed in chasing the next clue on this treasure hunt.

Our first tour was fascinating. Our customers, who became friends, enjoyed the landscapes of eastern Sicily as much as we did. These magical landscapes,, of course,, are not just limited to Sicily alone. Italy is full of unique places to visit on your bike. Each village or city has its own unique history, culinary delicacies, and beautiful views, from North to South, without exception.

This is the true wealth of Italy.

We learned a lot from our first tour and from what we observed throughout the cyclo-tourism scene. Chasing the most famous Cols and passes and riding where the pros do is cool, but what’s cooler is exploring the in-between, places with a unique story that we can trace on two wheels. The light lit up over our heads when we read between the lines looking for our next tour. Eventually, we found our answer in Umbria.

Umbria is known as the 'green heart of Italy.' A region with an ancient history, rich in art, and untouched nature. One of its symbols has always been the city of Assisi, known for being the birthplace of Saint Francis. The Saint par excellence, and not only in Italy. With his vow of poverty, a good person wanted to help everyone without distinction.

Inspired by the Saint, we created a tour called ‘In the footsteps of Saint Francis’ that follows his exploits. Starting from the beautiful town of Gubbio to get to the gates of Rome. But we could not forget Rome, where we have our headquarters. So what could be better than offering those on holiday in the eternal city an 'alternative' bike ride to those offered to tourists?

We wanted to help tourists escape Rome, both in the literal and symbolic meanings. Thus, 'Escape from Rome Tour' was born because it is actually a real escape from the chaos of the city. Rome's surroundings hide many spectacular places, perfect for a day trip or a weekend: historic sites, picturesque villages, enchanted gardens, and breathtaking lakes. This type of tour is feasible at least 9 months a year, thanks to the very mild climate that characterizes Rome and its surroundings.

Why Clubsuiveur?

Suiveur is someone who enthusiastically follows cycling and its protagonists, whether for professional reasons or for passion, and this is what we share with our clients and future friends. For us, suiveur is authenticity, adventure, riding, and discovering a territory together. This territory is Italy, and you will love it.

Why yellow?

Studies show that the meaning of the color yellow can be warmth, cheerfulness, increased mental activity, and increased muscle energy. Which reflects what Clubsuiveur is all about. We’re cyclists because we love to ride, and everybody who loves to ride is a cyclist. Nothing else allows the pleasure and the power to move so far with so little effort.

Lastly, in a jungle of dozens of bike tour operators, we want to offer something new, something different, something to remember. No anonymous luxury hotels but charming farm stays. No common itineraries but hidden roads. No big groups, but a few good ones.

If you are wondering about riding in Italy, why not ride with the Suiveurs?


The Clubsuiveur Team.

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