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We are Kompas Regeneration

KOMPAS is a Portland-based adventure cycling group who share stories from the trails and facilitate adventure bikepacking within the community. Texas and Grayson, the co-founders of KOMPAS, have been dedicated endurance athletes from an early age and believe that endurance sport offers a unique lens to experience life through. Their goal is to share resources and create an inclusive environment for people to get on their bikes and explore. 


Endurance sport, at any level, offers a sense of clarity, simplicity, and gratitude to take into your everyday. It acts as a method to bring people together and share stories. As cyclists who get to explore and enjoy natural areas by bike, we have a desire to help connect others to these places the same way we have. 


Follow Texas, Grayson, and the KOMPAS community @kompas.rgn for upcoming event details, photos, videos, and stories from the trails.

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