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Hi, I'm Sergio Cuéllar-Serrano

I am an architect, musician, language expert, and amateur cyclist. Like many of you, cycling became a very important part of my life, initially through commuting. I live in the outskirts of the third most congested city in the world, so of course, the bicycle made sense. Now, cycling is an obsession that takes most of my time. If I’m not riding, I’m thinking about riding, gear, or places where I’d like to take my bike to. I’m equally as happy on a road bike, gravel bike, MTB bike, or track bike, although more often than not, I’m riding my custom-made-in-Colombia steel gravel bicycle.

I do most of my riding well above 2500m (~8000ft) of elevation. I’m eager to show you the landscapes, vegetation, trails, and places you find high above the Andes. You’ll also see my articles on the cycling world in other altitudes and latitudes. I hope you join me, both literally and figuratively, on these rides.

The Paperclip is small enough to fit in everyone’s pockets and also big enough to hold us together in both hemispheres.


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